Our History

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  • 2013 began with a flood of inquiries about the Katapult Method after the company appeared at the 2012 OSP Expo and introduced Katapult Engineering as their software engineering initiative.
  • In 2012 Stine acquired a service contract with PPL Corporation to serve their entire footprint with their PhotoForm deliverable being central to winning the project.
  • By 2009 the PhotoForm was being delivered to
    clients across the country as Stine worked on
    expansive cell tower build out projects.
  • In 2008, Duane began a new life chapter and announced Jeremiah Stonge as President and CEO.
  • In 2005 Stine Consulting become Stine Consulting Corportation, and they began their construction arm to build out fiber across the tri-state area.
  • Paper Forms, Height Sticks and Lasers
  • Stine Consulting was founded in Duane Stine’s basement in 1991 as a Fiber and Copper OSP design shop delivering CAD and application forms. To this day, Stine Consulting is still the first call for clients who were served from the very beginning.
  • Katapult Engineering is spearheading multiple development projects including PhotoHeight.com, a subscription based photo measuring service.
  • In September of 2013
    Andew Bryden became
    the COO of Stine Consulting, overseeing both Stine and Katapult operations.
  • Began the switch to Photogrammetry
  • Under new ownership, the company focused on providing advanced deliverables.The development of the PhotoForm, utilizing Photogrammetry to accurately measure attachment and cable heights, allows Stine to collect data with increased speed, flexibility and safety.
  • The Internet boom opened up opportunities for Stine as they prepared to leap into the future and begin working on the Fiber and Copper build out spreading across the country.
  • The 90’s called for innovation in the OSP world, and Stine Consulting didn’t hesitate to begin their journey of using technology to their advantage. Building computers and software programs to automate forms and organize data, they used their experience in the industry to streamline the design and permitting process for their customers.